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How Hot Weather Affects Your Contact Lenses

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We’ll just go right ahead and say it: contrary to myth, your contact lenses won’t melt into your eyeballs from intense heat exposure.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are some important guidelines to keep in mind when spending time outdoors in the heat while wearing contact lenses.

Do Wear Sunglasses

Wearing high-quality sunglasses is always recommended, whether you wear contacts or not.

Glare and discomfort from bright sunlight can be particularly bothersome to contact lens wearers, so be sure to shield your eyes with UV-blocking sunglasses whenever outdoors.

Sunglasses will also help your eyes feel fresh, as they block the oncoming breeze from drying out your tear film. This is especially important if you plan on doing outdoor activities like biking, running and other activities that increase air movement on your face.

Do Keep Your Eyes Moist

Hot weather can dry out your eyes and your lenses.

Staying hydrated will help your eyes produce the quantity and quality of tears needed to keep your eyes and contact lenses moist and comfortable.

If your eyes feel dry even after drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water daily, speak with your optometrist about ways to increase your ocular hydration and lubrication with eye drops or other treatments.

Block Sweat From Your Eyes

It’s normal to work up a sweat in the hot summer months. If sweat droplets get into your eyes and come in contact with your lenses, it can cause stinging, burning and irritation.

If you know you’ll be sweating, try wearing an absorbent headband to absorb the perspiration.

Most important, speak with your eye doctor about the best choice of contact lenses and sunglasses for an active lifestyle.

Do Give Your Eyes A Rest

If you find that the heat is getting to your eyes, remove your contact lenses and temporarily switch to glasses.

If you experience any eye pain, discomfort, irritation or redness contact your eye doctor. You may be experiencing dry eye or another eye problem that requires prompt treatment.

Don’t Wear Your Contacts in the Water

Wearing your contact lenses while swimming or showering can cause irritation and infection.

Remove your lenses before making waves, or invest in a pair of water-proof swimming goggles.

Don’t Fear the Heat

Don’t let your contact lenses stop you from enjoying your summer!

As long as you follow your optometrist’s wear and care instructions, you should be golden.

Contact Lenses and Other Eye Care Services in The Woodlands

If you have any questions about your eyes, contact lenses or anything else eye-related, Lifetime Eyecare Associates in The Woodlands is here for you.

We wish all of our patients a happy and healthy summer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s involved in a contact lens consultation?

  • A:During a contact lens consultation, your eye doctor will take certain measurements of your cornea to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, your tear film will be evaluated to ensure that it can comfortably support contact lens wear. If you do experience symptoms of dry eye syndrome, your optometrist will discuss various contact lens options and dry eye treatments to minimize your symptoms.

Q: Is it better to wear contact lenses or glasses while playing sports?

  • A:Contact lenses are a safer option while playing sports, as regular glasses can fall, break or injure your eye. Speak with your optometrist about prescription sports glasses or goggles that provide crisp vision while keeping your eyes safe.

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