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Hoya Lenses

Hoya is world famous for its cutting edge developments in the advancement and application of top quality, state-of-the-art anti-glare coatings. Our optometrist in Indiana can fit you for Hoya lenses and recommend the best type for your lifestyle. Hoya can only be sold by HOYA authorized practices.

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HOYA Anti-Glare Coating

At Hoya, a number of different anti-glare coatings can be applied to your lenses to eliminate reflections from surfaces and give you the best vision possible. This improved vision comes from the fact that anti-glare coatings allow more light through to your eye and eliminate the double images and blur associated with reflected light that one experiences with inferior types of coatings and non-coated lenses.

Besides improved vision, Hoya anti-glare coatings create a smoothness at the top layer of the lens that makes it water-repellent and easier to clean.

Our Recommended Anti-Glare Coatings:

Super HiVision EX3

This treatment allows more light to reach the eyes of the wearer, hence optimizing his or her sight. Most importantly, it eliminates the reflections on the front of the lenses, so that others can see the wearer as well as they see them. This also allows you to see better in-office light on the computer and is a great lens for night driving.

The Recharge EX3

This lens is the ultimate in filtering Blue Light coming from devices that are harmful to the eye. The lens enjoys superior scratch resistance and a Bayer rating that surpasses that of glass.

BlueControl helps reduce the amount of harmful blue light that makes it through the lens to your eyes, reducing the incidence of headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms associated with overexposure to blue light.

Blue light comes from computer screens, cell phone screens, tablets, and many more devices that we look at for hours every day.

UV Control protects the eyes from UV radiation that can cause both short and long-term damage to your eyes in cases of overexposure.

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HOYA Modern Progressive Lenses

Hoya Progressives have a gradual curvature so that you don’t only see clearly for near and far but also for everything in between. At Lifetime Eyecare Associates we recommend the ID Lifestyle 2 lens, which is a full digital free form lens and one of the best on the market.

Additional Lens Options:

HOYA Sync lenses are designed for people who work at different distances. With these lenses, you can effortlessly focus and switch between near and far tasks while your eyes remain relaxed.

TACT lenses are made for prolonged near-visual tasks. Improve concentration, alleviate eye strain and fatigue for people who spend hours at a computer

TACT lenses are available with Super HiVision lens treatments to eliminate glare and reflections on your computer screen.