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Visible Genomics Genetic Testing

VisibleGenomics Primary FullColorProtecting your vision from the effects of AMD is a priority for Dr. Lagunas and Lifetime Eyecare Associates.AMD is a progressive vision disease affecting 11 million Americans. If you have a family history of AMD or are experiencing any early symptoms we have a new genetic test that can help determine both your lifetime risk and rate of progression risk. Armed with this information we can help create a preventative treatment plan to help preserve your vision health.

About the test

We have partnered with Visible Genomics to provide a proprietary genetic test that you can take from home.

How it works

amdPatients can contact us to request a test at phone/email.

A home DNA sample collection kit will be mailed to your home.Upon sending your sample kit to the lab, we will arrange a telemedicine appointment to provide you with detailed test results and review a personalized preventative treatment plan if appropriate.

If you have a family history of AMD or are experiencing any symptoms, please contact us to arrange for your test.

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