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August Back to School Special

boy 20in 20front 20of 20eye 20chartTime for Back to School!

Lifetime Eyecare Associates is having a HUGE back to school special for the month of August!

$75 off frame and lens packages for kids age 18 and under!

Packages come with the lightest lens material available, impact resistance, 100% protection from UV-A & UV-B rays, crystal clear vision, scratch resistance, and blue light protection.

Recharge EX3, developed by The Hoya Free Form  CompanyTM, is more scratch resistant than glass – a definite super power for yourkids’  lenses. Recharge EX3 has  these additional super power properties:

• Blue Light Protection – Recharge EX3 blocks about 30-40% of harmful blue violet light emitted from digital devices like computers, cell phones, and tablets.

• Fingerprints! Grease! Dirt! – They can all be removed injust a few wipes reducing wear and tear on your lenses.

• Durable Long-Lasting Treatment – Easy-to-clean properties remain intact even after long-term use and repeated wiping.

• Water Slides Right Off – The treatment properties of Recharge EX 3 shield lenses from rain, snow and water fountain mishaps.

• Reduced Eyestrain – Less eye fatigue in artificial lighting and varied light conditions.